“Life is about creating yourself” George Bernard Shaw

Hello.  My name is Gemma Davies and I am a fully qualified Integrative Psychotherapist.  I work from Harley Street, Central London and Richmond in West London, offering a safe, confidential space for you to work through any difficulties that you may currently be experiencing so that you can lead a life full of meaning, joy and impact.

My Approach

My Integrative stance means that our work can benefit from skills and techniques garnered from the full range of psychological schools.  I also adopt a unique Psychotherapy Plus approach which encompasses nutrition, exercise, meditation and practical coaching interventions adaptable to individual client’s needs.

Above all, I prize the development of a strong, very human bond to encourage deep trust, inspire confidence in the therapeutic process and build on the client’s unacknowledged and suppressed strengths.  We will tailor your custom fit approach together.

Areas of Special Interest

I am drawn to working with the anxiety (from workplace stress to PTSD). Latterly, this has extended to working with stress related to the socioeconomic and political challenges of current affairs. 

I feel I have particular skill working with relationship issues and can offer Couple Counselling where necessary. 

I also feel privileged to work with building self-esteem whether in the younger adult, the career changer or the client that just feels they could be more fulfilled. I enjoy supporting on-going personal development as people encounter and overcome life stage and life altering challenges which can often trigger psychological distress.

How Therapy Can Be Delivered

Whilst I have a preference for working face to face, particularly during the assessment stage, I am happy to discuss working via Skype or telephone once a relationship has been established.  In cases where we agree some behavioural experimentation or grounding therapy is considered appropriate, work outside the therapy room can be arranged.

Session fees are negotiated on an individual basis.