I hold a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, USA. This is an evidenced-based approach to physical and mental health through the consumption of whole, plant based foods. Personal study and self-experimentation means that I believe whole-heartedly, that any steps my clients can take towards healthier eating, will support their transformation into stronger, healthier and more positive individuals.


Many clients have struggled with loving their bodies in much the same way as they have struggled to love their personalities, habits and ways of relating. As therapy progresses and as a stronger sense of self begins to emerge, there is, very naturally, integration and acceptance of the client’s body and there is a desire to move, flex and build its strength. Through mirror work with meaningful affirmations, to regular fasted walks, to more intensive fitness training, the body begins to transform into its natural, healthy form - reflecting inner peace, harmony and cellular health. Much of my inspiration comes from the work of Ben Greenfield, renowned personal trainer and Mindvalley contributor and my personal experience of his Blueprint for Longevity Programme.


Many people have yet to discover the power of meditation not only to calm the anxious mind, but also as a space within which they can start to create the life they wish to lead. Often an opportunity to tune out of our mind’s chatter, this can also be the perfect time in which to more actively reflect on the work done in therapy sessions; to process the insights and revelations that emerge during our time together and to begin to develop a strong vision for the future.